Oops! There’s A Baby On The Bathroom Floor!

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In case you haven’t heard the exciting news, baby Jemma is FINALLY here! It was a long 39 weeks and 5 days BUT her entrance into this world was FAST and SHORT!

Like 40 minutes from start to finish!

And, in case you haven’t heard this either, Jemma was accidentally born on my bathroom floor! Did I mention she came REALLY fast?!

Anyways, I am super excited to finally share my birth story.

A little back story

Jemma Grace is my third daughter. I was totally expecting this pregnancy to go the exact same way it did with her two older sisters. However, this pregnancy was completely different.

I had no signs of early labor with Jemma like my other pregnancies. This was huge, because my doctor and I were both preparing ourselves for an early labor. When I reached 30 weeks and I wasn’t having daily contractions I was excited. Then with each passing week I felt like I hit another milestone because still no contractions or pressure. I kept telling myself if I can just make it another week, and then again another week everything will be okay.

I finally made it just over 36 weeks and the contractions started. I timed them out, did some breathing exercises, called a friend to take the girls, and my husband and I were off to the hospital. I really thought this was the real thing. However, after sitting at the hospital for an hour still having contractions every 3-5 minutes I wasn’t progressing any so they sent me home.

Total bummer. I was so ready to have that baby!

Anyways, knowing that real labor could still start any day my husband and I began to prepare ourselves.

  • Hospital bags were packed.
  • Plans for the girls had been arranged.
  • Derek took time off work.

We were so ready!

Then 37 weeks came and went.
Then 38 weeks came and went.

And then, my 3 year old daughter had a freak accident and needed emergency surgery to remove a nail that punctured her lung.

Talk about a game changer.

All of the sudden we went from, “preparing for delivery mode, to please don’t come now baby Jemma!” We spent about 3 days in the hospital with our daughter, Jayla, while she recovered. Surprisingly enough the whole ordeal did not throw me into labor and instead I was able to give my complete attention to my other baby girl who needed me.

Now the countdown was on.

39 weeks came and went.

I was seriously growing impatient. Pretty much every part of my body was uncomfortable and I was just really ready to not be pregnant any more. With each passing day I kept telling my husband, “Keep your phone on you at all times while at work so I can get ahold of you just in case.” He works an hour away so I was also hoping I didn’t go into labor while he was away.

The big day!

I was 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant the morning Jemma was born. The previous day I felt great. I went about my day as normal. I spent the day with Jayla and Jaiden. We ate, we played, we napped and I did my normal daily housework. I didn’t have a single contraction all day. Derek came home from work that evening and we eventually went to bed. Just like normal.

What was not normal was at 2:10 in the morning my eyes shot wide open from a dead sleep. I instantly felt pain like Jemma had just transitioned down the birth canal. It was that distinct of a movement and pain that I knew something was up. I woke Derek up quickly and told him to help me out of bed. Half asleep he helped me up and I made my way out to the couch. Another contraction came and I was pretty uncomfortable. Over the next ten minutes a few more came and went, and I started my breathing techniques I had learned. I must have been breathing pretty loud because Derek came out of the bedroom and asked if these were the real deal. They honestly felt similar to the ones I had a few weeks prior but each one was getting stronger.

By now I had only been awake for about 15 minutes when I told Derek these are definitely real and you need to start texting our “friends list.” I was still able to talk and remained calm as my contractions came and went quickly. They were a few minutes apart but only lasted less than a minute.

Another 5 minutes went by and no one was returning the text messages. I mean, it was 2:30 in the morning after all! However, my contractions were growing with each one. The moaning had finally set in while having a contraction and I began to worry. I told Derek he needed to start calling and not texting while I made my way to the bathroom.

At this point I still had no anticipation of having a baby at home. My water had not broke, I was not bleeding, I was just having painful contractions.

I had a couple more contractions while sitting on the toilet. (I know, totally not a pretty picture but I have read so many natural birthing stories and kind of knew this was a good place and position to make it through contractions while containing any kind of mess that comes with labor.)

This is where time just was not on my side. Derek was walking around the house grabbing stuff to take to the car while calling our friends. Still no answer from anyone though. I yelled from the bathroom that we did not have time to wait and the girls were coming to the hospital with us.

The crazy thing is my contractions were still manageable-ish. I still thought, “okay, this is going to suck having contractions in the car, but I can do it.”

I remember yelling, “Derek, we need to go now! Get the girls in the car!” He ran upstairs, grabbed the girls and headed for the kitchen to get their shoes on. Again, I yelled, “No time for shoes! Just go!” He grabbed a quick snack for the girls and ran them out to the car, buckled them in and pulled the car up.

This probably took another five minutes and by then I was really beginning to doubt if I was going to make it to the car. My last couple contractions had me say a couple choice words, I could no longer focus on “breathing technique” and I was struggling to hold back the urge to push.

Derek ran back into the house after getting the girls situated and I told him to call 911 and tell them we were coming in.

At this point it was a bit crazy. I’m sure I remember certain things differently than Derek, but I was trying to remain stable. Ha!

After hanging up with the dispatcher Derek came in the bathroom and said, “okay, come on.” It was at that moment I knew I wasn’t making it to the car and told Derek to call 911 back.

As he was doing that I had an incredible urge to push and just as that happened my water broke (in the toilet – see good idea) and Jemma’s head was about to come out. I kept repeating to Derek he needed to help me to the floor and that we were going to deliver Jemma in the bathroom.

So, he is on the phone with the dispatcher and helping me to the floor. And within seconds of getting to the floor Jemma’s head came out with one contraction and a few seconds later her body was out with a quick second contraction. 

It was all happening so fast, but everything stopped when Jemma let out her first cry just after being born. Oh my goodness, it was such an indescribable feeling when I heard her cry. It let me know everything was fine and my new baby girl was finally here.

Still on the phone with the dispatcher, an ambulance was on the way. The funny thing is Derek asked how long it had been since getting on the phone with the dispatcher (because it felt like forever) and the gentleman said only FOUR minutes. That is how fast this little lady came rushing out!

So,again, it took only 40 minutes from start to finish!

The whole thing was unplanned and a bit crazy. It is still a little shocking knowing I had a completely unplanned homebirth, and with no complications. Oh, and once at the hospital she weighed in at NINE pounds. I was also not anticipating a nine pound baby as my other two girls were just over seven pounds at birth.

Nothing but endless blessings:

Despite everything happening so fast and unexpectedly, the whole experience really was a blessing.

  • It was such a blessing that my husband was home when everything took place. I cannot imagine bringing any of our children into this world without him, and especially this last one.
  • It was a blessing that my husband got to deliver our baby girl too. We are pretty sure this is going to be our last baby so what an experience for him to play such an important role with our last pregnancy.
  • It was a complete blessing to have a quick, safe delivery. I have never been someone with high pain tolerance, and the one thing I prayed constantly while pregnant with my girls was quick labors! And, sure enough each one of my labors got quicker and now I know if we were to have a fourth child she would probably come out with a sneeze!
  • All of our friends, who are more like family, were such a blessing as well. I can’t brag about them enough. They have helped us in every way imaginable from caring for our other two girls, coordinating meals for us, then all the people who have been bringing us dinner, as well as sending love, prayers and cards.

So, to bring this thing to a close.

Please welcome Jemma Grace Palizay – our “little dove” who entered this world already under God’s hand of grace.



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