Dear Unknown – Letter #10

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Dear Unknown,

I saw You the other day – just sitting in your van waiting for the food that was suppose to come fast like promised yet never quite soon enough. Kids in the back seats, you in the front. Alone.

And your head hung low – heavy. It was just a passing moment, but I saw you. And it made me wonder what was causing you to feel so burdened. Perhaps just a long day, maybe a never ending season of constant disappointment, or maybe just life. I should have stopped you know? I should have let you know you were seen. I had nothing to offer but maybe you need(ed) to know you are seen. And would you believe me if I told you in that moment YOU encouraged me! You may think “But how?” – You didn’t know I was watching, and you were the one feeling broken. But because of the vulnerability you shared on your face it caused a chain reaction in my heart. And for that I thank you. So just know, you may be unknown but you are never unseen.

In a world where people are facing struggles every single day be the person:

Who spreads joy and not sadness.
Who shares a smile instead of harsh words.

Who chooses to, so purposely chooses to, love rather than hate.
Who decides their life is worth living and does with great intention.

Who helps ease the burdens of others rather than adding to them.
Who becomes a master at finding beauty in all things.

Who sees beyond what is visible to the human eye.
Who lifts their head in the midst of heavy trials.

Who clings to Hope even when they have been knocked to the ground.
Who swallows their own pride and choose humbleness.

Who is slow to speak and quick to listen.
Who uses words only when necessary.

Who opens doors.
Who opens hearts.

Who creates space.
Who creates peace.

Who stands with outstretched hands and not closed fists.
Who sows with blood, sweat and tears pouring down – because all things worth growing have to be first planted.

Who sends out light rather than darkness.

Be the person you need in your own life : Because if you can be that very thing for someone else what would stop someone from being that for you?

All my love,

Jordan Palizay Sig




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