Dear Jordan – Letter #4

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May 11, 2016

Dear Jordan,

It’s a beautiful morning. The birds are chirping, the skies are blue and the sun in shining. It makes you all the more grateful for your move to North Carolina. So often people want perfectly calculated steps each moment of their lives, but perfectly coordinated plans by human hands require no faith. It’s daring to live a life lead by someone other than yourself, but it’s been beautiful to watch you learn how to trust.

I know your dreams have been keeping you up at night, and wondering with uncertainty during the day. It’s always the uncertainty that constantly keeps you feeling uneasy about what’s around the corner. But, maybe it’s all that guessing that keeps you moving….keeps you living. And no matter what may be around the corner I think we can both call it good; because if you are walking by faith then we both know your Father has been leading the way the whole time.

Keep up the good work. Keep trusting. Keep guessing. And, He will keep leading.

And before I go I just wanted to tell you to calm down, take a deep breath, and exhale. All the movement, all the chaos, all the noise in your life – they aren’t distractions, they are your life. And they just so happen to be in the form of three children, a husband, a house, a to-do list etc. But they aren’t pulling you away from doing more important things, better things, more exciting things. They are exactly why you are here and anything else pulling you away from these very things are the distractions.

Keep that in mind. Keep focused. Keep serving. And, He will keep providing.

It’s all here, everything you need in this moment. So enjoy your day and live the life you have been abundantly blessed with.

All my love,

Jordan Palizay Sig


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