Dear Jordan – Letter #3

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May 8, 2016

Dear Jordan,

I know you woke up with a heavy heart this morning. Hoping to shake the feeling before you reached Church didn’t quite happen though, did it? Oh sweet girl, I know it’s hard – thinking about the void, the hurt, the whys, and the unknown. And it all leaves you feeling a bit….sad. As you think about Mother’s Day it’s easy to get stuck in what you don’t have instead of rejoicing about what you do have.

So I wanted to remind you that it’s okay to hurt. We all have wounds. We all hurt over things we wish were different. But never forget you have a Father who heals, a Father who loves, and a Father who fills all the gaps where you have otherwise been left empty. You are seen and you lack nothing.

You may feel like you are missing out on this day, but we both know you have far more to be grateful for than anything else. Those three beautiful girls who get to call you mom would never know the mountains you have climbed to give them the kind of life they have now. And if you have anything to do with it I know they will never have to go a day without knowing what it’s like to have a mom who goes before them, and stands behind them in all things.

Mother’s Day really is great though, isn’t it? It was five years ago today that you found out you were pregnant with your first baby girl. Oh my how you cried and cried. Scared to death to become a mom just three months after getting married. How would you ever give someone something you have never had? Yet here we are. Five years later and three daughters later. You have all grown so beautifully.

Your husband may have been really hoping for that boy the third time around, but my oh my, what a blessing God had in store for you when He delivered three beautiful opportunities to you in the form of daughters. Jordan, don’t you see? The endless amounts of blessings you are able to pour over into these girls’ lives is truly miraculous. It’s something that could have only been calculated by a loving Father. A father who sees that though His own daughter feels like she has lacked so much in her own mother-daughter relationship; she now has three fold the abundance of opportunity to fulfill it with her own children. This is exactly what you have prayed for!

And now that we see it all for what it really is – an opportunity – now we can rejoice in this day all that much more. And always remember: It’s never about what you don’t have. It’s always about what you DO have, and the opportunity to glean through it all. (Glean: to collect gradually and bit by bit)

All my love,

Jordan Palizay Sig


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