Dear Entrepreneur – Letter #6

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May 17, 2016

Dear Entrepreneur,

I just want you to know I see you. I see the passion. I see the dreams. And I see everything in between. And it’s all the in-between-stuff that keeps you up at night, isn’t it? I see the doubt others have spoken over your elaborate planning and strategies. The eye rolls, the whispers — we both know they are around every corner. And it all makes you wonder if anyone will ever believe in you more than yourself. Just so we are clear, the answer to that last part is, no.

Never forget though, the passion, the drive and the dreams — they were never man-made, only God ordained. And no man will ever understand that more than the entrepreneur. There will always be those who wish they had it, but could never fabricate it.

I want you to know I see the long hours and the never ending days (and nights). During that time, you dream, you answer e-mails, strategize, execute, inspire, calculate, educate, you talk, you listen, you give, and always sacrifice. You step outside of the box and even recreate the box at different times. You believe, you doubt, you cry and contemplate giving up. And when asked what it is you do as an entrepreneur it’s easier to sum it up with, “whatever it takes.”

And that’s what you do. No one more than you understands what it means to sacrifice. It’s more than giving up eight hours of your day to provide for your family, because being an entrepreneur will always require every last hour, every last minute, all the way down to the last second that you have to give. More often than not that looks like waking up before everyone else, working more than everyone else, and being the last one to bed. And people will always question your motives, your heart, and your commitment. But you know as an entrepreneur it goes beyond just that. It’s about legacy, and few and far between will even know what that means.

If I could leave you with this, this is what I would say:

Entrepreneur, it’s worth it. If your “why” was big enough to get you this far then it should be big enough to get you where you’re headed (because we know there is never an end). You know it’s never about the “what” that you are facing. Instead, it has always been about the purpose you know you have to accomplish each and every obstacle that comes your way. And you know people will always doubt you, but it’s never been about them either. Being an entrepreneur has always been about living beyond what you have been taught, creating beyond what is available, dreaming bigger dreams than anyone would ever dare, and risking it all to leave a legacy behind that will provide for & inspire future generations.

I know it all seems a bit lonely at times; but I want you to know the journey will always find it way to those you need, and never anything beyond. There is no room for excess in the life of an entrepreneur. So stick it to high gear and keep moving — because there is no such thing as sitting back as an entrepreneur, am I right?!

Entrepreneur, never lose heart. You are loved. You are valued. You are needed. You inspire. So keep dreaming. Keep daring. Keep doing the only thing you know how to do: whatever it takes…

All My Love,

Jordan Palizay Sig


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