Being Average Is Not “Killing It”

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Just a bit of observance through my life of being married to an entrepreneur: So often I hear adults ragging on the younger generation – how they are lazy; they expect everything to be handed to them; they have no idea what hard work really is; they are babies; they are naive; they don’t have respect…I mean, we have all heard it. The list is tireless.

But, here’s the thing, for every one kid we label with those terms I can show you probably 50 adults (being conservative here) who are the epitome of those exact things.

-Expecting to get paid week after week all while putting in average or below average performance.
-Calling off work because life is stressful.
-Not putting in time outside of work to better yourself & your skills because a) you don’t get paid for that, and b) you need some “me” time.
-Thinking you are above average when your actions look like every other person in your industry.
-Thinking you deserve something beyond what your effort shows.

Here’s my take away:

As adults we cannot label the younger generation with a single negative connotation without first taking the responsibility that we made them that way through our own actions!

Second take away:

Adults, no one can make you have ambition for your own life. No one can make you understand that sometimes “giving it your all” is not enough. Sometimes (more often than not!) you will honestly need to push yourself harder than you have previously – it doesn’t matter if we are talking about marriage, friendships, or work – – only doing the bare necessities is just not enough.

There are two different worlds here: people who are okay with being average; which is totally fine. I get it, we don’t all want the same things. Sometimes we are just okay with being mediocre. So I think people who have crazy amounts of ambition need to stop labeling that as lazy. BUT then there are people who are so driven, so laser-like focused, and truly understand they have a bigger calling beyond being average. And the “average” people need to stop labeling this as being unrealistic, too ambitious, and too dreamy.

Have enough self awareness to understand the two worlds simply cannot cohabitate. I see it time and time again. People get inspired by someone who is over flowing with ambition and want to jump on the train just hoping to catch a bit of the fire. But, in all honestly all you are doing is slowing down the train. It is a really hard reality to accept too. So I cannot stress enough how important it is to know — to so deeply know — what is required of your life. Because if you don’t you will inaccurately label others and/or slow down the people in your life.


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