Sweet Babies: A Letter from a Mother to Her Daughters

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One of the things I hope to leave behind for my children some day is my journals.

I journal quite a bit, usually just writing down my prayers. I want my girls to be able to read the trials and triumphs I have prayed through and see how God has moved in my life. Now that I have started a blog, I again want to leave behind a trail that would ultimately push them closer to God. I want to take time in this post to write to my baby girls.

To my Girls (Jayla and Jaiden)

My sweet babies, Jayla (2) and Jaiden (10 months), this is for you.

There is so much I wish I could tell you, but you do not understand yet. I want to start from the beginning. You should know your mommy did not live the life style she is training you to follow. My life did not glorify God as yours has already began to at a young age. I know it is many parents dream to prevent their children from experiencing pain from the same mistakes they once made when younger. It is my goal to hopefully teach you to the best of my ability so that you would not have to learn the hard way like I did so many times.

It is such an honor watching you two grow and learn everyday.

Jayla, right now you love to dance and sing. The other night we sat at the piano “playing” a beautiful song and you kept singing a few words over and over that I could not understand.

Sweet baby, no matter what you do in life I pray you would always have a heart for worship.

Don’t worry your daddy will teach you all about music too. You also love to eat. Snack time with daddy is one of your favorites. I want you to know that it is our responsibility to steward a healthy body, but you eat away baby. Don’t believe the lies this world sells to young girls that they have to look a certain way to be beautiful. I will do my best to keep my words positive and not obsess over my looks to better help you and your sister understand we are worth more than our outward appearance. You have a very nurturing spirit, Jayla. Tending to your baby dolls and stuffed animals is special gift you possess. I smile every time I rock Jaiden as you stand beside me rocking your baby as well. Blowing kisses and sending everyone off with a, “have a nice day” is your favorite way to say good bye.

Sweet baby, don’t ever let this world take away your compassion.

Through you many will see the love of Christ and you will heal nations. Don’t be afraid to stretch out your hands to those who are around you.

Jaiden, you are such a hoot. You are growing stronger every day and finding excitement in the smallest things.

Sweet baby, always live for the small things.

I pray you will be a fierce woman of God who always finds excitement in Gods journey. Right now you love pulling yourself up on the couch as you continue to increase your balance. Soon enough you will be walking.

Sweet baby, please always pull yourself back up no matter how hard this life gets.

Our struggles can knock us down, but never stay there for long. I want you to know I will always be here to help you get back up. You are 10 months old but have yet to say a word. Jaiden, your personality will continue to grow but I truly believe you hold power in your words.

Sweet baby, whether you speak many words or few, let them hold life and the power of Christ.

My sweet loves, it has only been such a short time that you have been a part of my life but you have blessed it greatly.

I eagerly look forward to watching your lives unfold before my eyes. I do not know what the future holds for you but your heavenly Father does. Never forget that.

(See Jeremiah 29:11)

Something else you should know

Before I know it, sure enough you will be dating. I should give you a fair warning I may be strict…more than likely. I will try my absolute hardest to instill in you the importance of seeking the love of Christ above all else and that includes a man. Now, I don’t have all the details worked out yet, but one of the ways I hope to instill this is by praying for you.

Sweet babies, I pray you would trust me when I say I want the best for you.

I gave myself away entirely too easily as a young girl and suffered many heart breaks because of this. God can restore your brokenness but try your hardest to stand strong against temptation. Don’t ever sell yourself short. You are worth more than gold to God. His one and only son died for you so He could spend eternity with you in Heaven. I encourage you to find someone who would be willing to do the same.

Sister, Sister!

I don’t know if there will be more siblings coming behind you, but until then you must stick together. It is my hope and dream to see you girls have an unbreakable bond. I don’t for one minute believe you will grow up with raging attitudes resulting in hair pulling and name calling. You should know this will not happen in my house. More importantly, you should know you both came from the same place. Only 15 months apart, you both grew the same way in my belly. And, even though you will each be individuals, you are very much the same.

Sweet babies, don’t let your differences keep you from being best friends.

Rely on each other for comfort and strength. Always be each others best secret-keeper and turn your back on betrayal. It is my hearts desire to see you, together, move mountains for the kingdom of God.

Hugs and Kisses

I will end my letter with this: Above all else I want you girls to know how much I love you. I will never be able to adequately express my love to you, but I will always try my best. I know I will make mistakes and I ask for your grace. You should know the one thing they don’t make is a manual for is parenting. Likewise, in no way do I expect you to be perfect.

Mistakes will be made, but grace will be given.

Discipline will be assigned but always sealed with a hug and a kiss.

I will try my very hardest to always have an open mind, open heart, and open arms.You are my beautiful blessings and not one day goes by that I am not thankful for your lives.

I love you, my sweet sweet babies. Thank you for teaching me to –


Love always: Mom – also known as “bomb” to Jayla


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