Who Determines Your Value?

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“Our value is not dependent on our ability to earn the fickle acceptance of people, but rather, its true source is the love and acceptance of God. He alone knows how to fulfill all our needs.” -Robert S. McGee; Author of The Search For Significance

And, there you have it.

The truth. People do not determine our value.

Let that sink in a little bit before you move on.
We all know this, but do we believe it?


Today, I simply want to encourage you (yes, YOU) that your value is not determined by how many people you make happy today. Likewise, your value is not degraded by how many people you disappoint today. And, your value is not based off of how well you feel about yourself today. Your value is simply determined, and fulfilled, by God alone.

Just accept that for what that is.

Today, you do not need to strive to live a meaningful life. Your life is already meaningful.
Today, you do not need to prove your worth to your boss, your spouse, your family or your friends. You are already viewed worthy in the eyes of God.
Today, you do not need to overcompensate for the failures of yesterday. You are already forgiven.

Today, you are valued from sun up to sun down. And tomorrow will be the same.
Today, your destiny is already declared.
Today, you are accepted.
Today, you are loved.
Today, you are chosen.
Today you are redeemed.

You are valued

If you are desperate to find your self-worth, look no further than the truth that God has already spoken to you. Do not look to yourself, or to the people in your life to define how valuable you are. They will never be able to fulfill a need that was never placed on their shoulders. I know we all so desperately want the people we love the most to make us feel secure and expect them to reassure us when we feel low. But, that cycle needs to stop.

Today, I encourage you to run with full force into the open arms of God and allow Him to fulfill every need of security and reassurance. Do not instead run full force into your work and the relationships around you. Rather, pursue every area of your life already knowing you have been declared worthy with something unique to offer the world.

Today, breathe easier and walk lighter knowing you are valued.
That is all you need to know. Now go share this with everyone you meet today!

Ephesians 1:3-14


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