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I am so excited for the warm weather that is finally shining through here in Ohio!

During the winter months I turn into a hobbit-like-zombie. Once the warmer weather rolls around though I return to feeling more like a human.

I am also a sentimental person, so Springtime always sets off a time of reflection as I think about all the new things coming this season.

1. I look forward to the flowers coming soon. Yesterday I noticed a couple of our perennials already popping through the wet dirt. I have no idea what kind of flower they are going to turn into because I didn’t plant them but I am still excited!

2. I enjoy hearing the birds chirp in the mornings reminding me a new day has begun. Although they do usually wake up my girls.

3. And, the sun that shines bright through my windows is my favorite part of the new season. 

All of those things remind me of the new season my husband and I are in as well. Along with everything changing outside, we have a lot of changes going on around us directly.

Change can be a bit scary at times, but with change usually comes growth. And, for that I am truly thankful.

My husband recently had a huge breakthrough with his business and it truly is an answered prayer to all of the hard work he has been putting in these past 4 years. However, that means no more working from home for him and instead includes a 45 minute drive to work every day. The opportunity that has opened up for him far outweighs the new change, but I would be lying if I said I haven’t had some hard days adjusting to him being gone so much all of the sudden.

It may sound silly to some people, but I miss having my husband home everyday. It made my days as a stay-at-home-mom a bit more doable. If the girls were getting too out of control I could just send them up to daddy’s office for an attitude adjustment. And, if they just needed to rough house a bit Derek was always available at lunch time to work some of their energy out. And, I really miss being able to walk upstairs just to tell my husband a quick story or share something funny (or not so funny) that the girls just did.

But, like I said with this change has also come growth.

1. My husband has been exploding with good news at work.
2. I am learning how to be filled with God’s presence in the absence of not always having my husband right around the corner.
3. I am still trying to figure out just how to handle my very active children in their moments of meltdowns and wrong attitudes instead of handing them off to my husband, but I am working on it.
4. And, my husband and I are excitedly planning for the rest of the year with all the opportunities his business brings.

The change in my husbands business has been the most recent. But very soon, just like all the new life coming forth outside, we will be welcoming our third daughter into our family.

I keep having moments of feeling seriously unprepared for labor and the lack of sleep that is soon to come is dreadful. And, I keep wondering just how I am going to keep two toddlers out of trouble all summer while I care for an infant. Mostly, I’m not quite sure how I will keep them from terrorizing my house or occupied in our yard while I am breastfeeding. Do you think I could master walking and breastfeeding at the same time?


Like I said before though, I anticipate growth during that season as well. It does sound scary trying to figure out just how all of it will work out, but I am looking forward to bringing another baby girl into our family.

To be honest, I know I will have my days of failure; Many moments of feeling overwhelmed; And, I will probably want to give up a lot. But, one thing I can’t let go of is just how faithful God has been through every season of my life. I am learning to be more and more okay with change because I have never had a desire in my heart to live an ordinary, complacent lifestyle. I don’t want to resist these changes in my life because the territory is unfamiliar.

Instead, I want to push forward embracing the new season and new blessings God has in store for my future.

Are you resisting the changes in your life? I encourage you to look at those changes face to face and embrace them! Don’t let change hold you back, allow it to propel you forward! Know in your heart it is okay to NOT know exactly what this new season has in store. Keep your eyes open for the many opportunities that can arise when change happens.

And, through it all, remember to…


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