Hi. My name is Jordan.

Please, stay awhile so we can get to know each other better.

To break the ice I will go first!

For starters, I am a believer of Jesus Christ. As a child I spent a lot of time confused and angry as I tried to discover who I was. Then, as a young adult I was introduced to my Savior who drew me in with a love I had never felt before, and accepted me for me – the person He had created. Now I try to live a life pursuing my dreams knowing I have been made for greatness. If you want to know more about this journey of mine we should get together for coffee sometime. And, if that isn’t a possibility then feel free to strike up a conversation with me on here!

Moving forward you should know I am a coffee lover. At this point in my life I’m not sure if it is the coffee I love more, or the caffeine keeping me functional.

Now that we got that out of the way…

I am also a wife to an amazing man who is without a doubt my best friend. We essentially do everything together and that’s how we like it. And, because of him I dream more and dare to dream bigger things for myself, our marriage and our children. Together we brought three beautiful daughters into this world.

So as you can see I am a mom.

I currently stay home and care for our girls. Most days are exhausting and I often feel like I am failing. But, with the help of coffee my hope is to create memorable memories and a lasting relationship with each of them. I enjoy blogging about my experience as a mom as it is a huge part of my life, especially right now with them being so young.

And, now you know I am blogger!

I don’t really refer to myself as that though. I am just a woman on a mission, with a voice (and a computer), who hopes to share her experiences with people like you. Life happens so fast and writing helps me share the adventures, the lessons, and the realities of my life.

I am excited to have each of you here to share this journey with. It makes life seem less dull and less lonely. I want to offer you a place where we can all Live out life together; Love each other through it all; and, Learn from one another.

Fun Facts to conclude our time here together:

  • My logo is a dove. It is a two-fold representation of the peace & freedom God has restored to my life, and from the nick name my husband I have for each other, “love dove.”
  • My husband and I have a family vlog  <<Check it out!
  • My writing has been published in a couples devotional
  • And, I love to garden (minus pulling the weeds), ride horses, and eat (a lot)